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a big week ahead, the president will hit the road to unveil new proposals to help the housing and jobs market. a look at the specifics ahead. scary surf. hurricane earl is gone but it has left some potentially dangerous waters behind. why hundreds had to be rescued. plus -- >> is it a swimming lesson. >> no. >> sky diving? >> no. >> how about juggling? >> no. >> the youtube ads bringing in big bucks who's watching them and why coming up. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." where it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west. hurricane earl is officially gone but in some places even this morning, it has left behind dangerous conditions. these pictures are from nova scotia where rains flooded the highways. what's left of the storm is expected to curl out to sea by tonight. residents up and down the
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seaboard could feel the power of earl in the form of dangerous rip currents. in florida alone 200 people needed rescued from the heavy surfes. on one beach one was credited with one of those saves. >> i saw something in the water a little bit and couldn't make out what it was. >> i paused for a second, took a death breath, all of a sudden i felt something bump into me. >> on the west coast didn't feel like the end of summer. southern california began the labor day weekend with temperatures in the triple digits. let's get the latest holiday weekend forecast for all of us still a day and a half left to enjoy with the weather channel's scott williams. good morning. >> well good morning, alex. good morning, everyone on this labor day weekend. we have weather to talk about. of course earl is long gone but leaving dangerous rip currents. many of the beaches are still open but some still have a few restrictions out there. we are tracking a cluster of showers and storms to the east of the leeward islands, what is left of gaston trying to redevelop a little later on.
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a high probability of that. take a look at the cluster of showers and storms in the southern gulf of mexico. there's a chance that could develop into a tropical cyclone as well. we'll watch for that. fairly quiet across much of the nation here, looking at the radar, a few showers and storms moving through the high plains and also the upper midwest. and along the gulf of mexico. but look at the forecast for parts of the northeast. picture perfect, certainly a touch of fall, 79 degrees for the high temperature, new york city. atlanta, 83 degrees. sunshine. miami maybe a scattered shower or thunderstorm. denver continued hot, 94 degrees for the high today. and look at phoenix, 107. los angeles, 85 degrees. as we move into labor day itself, fairly quiet across much of the nation. so the unofficial end to summer will be ending on a great note for most of us. alex if? >> people forget in california and i know from experience it gets hot in september. it heats up. scott williams, thanks so much. a new report this morning in a leading british paper claims around maybe financing a tax by
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the taliban -- financing attacks by the taliban in afghanistan. according to the sunday times in london, they are getting paid thousands to carry out these attacks. tom aspell is in kabul with more on this disturbing development. good sunday morning, tom, or evening your time. what can you tell us? >> alex, the british sunday times says that five iranian construction companies headquartered here in kabul have been channeling funds to the taliban for the past six months, probably amounting to about $100,000. now it says those funds goes toward paying taliban fighters 1 thpds f $,000 for every american they kill and $6,000 for every armored vehicle they destroy. it works like this according to the sunday times, the iranian construction companies bid on contracts funded by foreign donors and the profits from those construction projects are then sent by bank drop through to dubai or back to tehran and the money is turned around and
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brought back in through what's known as the hall lal system, an informal system of islamic banking where you can give money to somebody here or in your own city rather, and then have it picked up somewhere else, almost instantaneously by transmitting, by cell phone, by text or anything like that. so there is no paper trail of these funds coming back. now the british sunday times says it followed a treasurer for the taliban from wardak province west of kabul, came in to kabul, picked up about $15,000 from one of these construction companies, and took it back to the province to hand it over to what's known as the shadow pro vensal governor who dolled out the money to taliban fighters. the british sunday times says intelligence agencies and afghan intelligence are aware of the role these companies are playing and say that they will investigate them further. alex. >>om, we understand afghan president hack mid karzai wants to meet with the taliban, is
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that related to this or something altogether different? >> this is something different, although he has been saying this for almost a year now he is willing to talk peace with the taliban. president karzai has formed what he calls a peace council. he says he'll announce the names of the members of that council in the coming weeks. he says that it will include former taliban officials and former jihadists but will not include anybody with any ties to al qaeda and he expects that delegation to hold formal talks if possible with taliban representatives. it has to be said that the taliban has said it will not negotiate with the karzai government while there are foreign troops still on afghan soil. >> you think this might miake part of the agenda, that story you're reporting, at least it might be discussed. >> it certainly would. in fact, they've been in contact with taliban representatives in wardak province and they say unofficially that they do have good relations and do get support from friendly
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neighboring countries. certainly including pakistan, uzbekistan, and iran. but officially they say, this never happened. alex. >> thank you very much for the official word. tom aspell, appreciate that. a key piece of evidence in the gulf of mexico oil spill disaster is now back on the surface. investigators are getting their first chance to look at the failed blowout preventer up close and it could be crucial to understanding how the leak happened. charles hadlock is live in houma, louisiana, i think i said that right this time. yeah. >> that's right. >> okay. >> that's it. houma. >> houma. you know this blowout preventer has been lifted to the surface. what happens next? >> they will -- it's on the q4000 and in the next few days they'll move it to a smaller vessel and then bring it ashore where it will be taken apart piece by piece and given a mechanical autopsy to try to figure out what went wrong. why it failed to prevent the explosion on april 20th that killed 11 workers and led to the
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biggest oil leak in american history. if they find that it was the result of shotty maintenance or perhaps it was altserred to make it less effective that could mean there would be criminal charges brought against bp or transocean, the owner and operator of the deepwater horizon rig. alex. >> we will wait to see what comes of all that. thanks so much from houma. sex no longer sells on the classified website craigslist. the company pulled the adult services section from that site after a lengthy battle with law enforcement and state officials who argued it promotes prostitution. most recently, 17 state attorneys general petitioned the company to close the service. the move comes weeks after alleged craigslist killer philip markoff committed suicide in his jail cell. police believe he first contacted his victim, a 25-year-old masseuse, by an advertisement she posted on craigslist. in new zealand another day of assessing damage from the 7.0
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earthquake that hit this weekend. officials now say the quake destride at least 500 buildings, including 90 in downtown christchurch. power restored to 90% of the city. but the mayor says it's going to be a long time before core services like the sewage system are fully fixed. it could be a critical lifeline to vulnerable democrats this fall. with signs of a tough mid-term cycle ahead the white house is pulling its not so secret weapon, first lady michelle obama. nbc's mike viqueira live at the white house and a good sunday morning to you. you are our secret weapon at the white house just so you know. everyone is watching on tv, so i don't know how secret that is. what is the plan for the first lady, mike? >> as we toil on the weekends we come in under the radar. you know, michelle obama has spent the past year and a half championing nonpartisan causes, largely staying above the partisan frey, but democrats in trouble losing their majorities in the house and senate in just
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two months all that could be abili about to change. >> may god bless this ship and all who sail in her. >> reporter: when it comes to poll ratings michelle obama truly is the president's better half. she has remained consistently more popular than her husband, in part by staying above the partisan fray. and taking up nonpartisan causes as a champion for military families. and a leader in the fight against childhood obesity. but now, mrs. obama is set to raise her political profile. facing the prospect of massive losses in november, congressional democrats have issued a distress call, send us michelle. at first their pleas were rebuffed. but with prospects getting worse by the day, they asked again and this time the answer was yes. details are still up in the air, but aides stress even on the political, mrs. obama will not go on the attack. >> the risk is she could be seen as polarizing and partisan and
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that could hurt her because she's tried to remain above the fray in advocating for her causes. she doesn't want to get down into the campaign muck. >> reporter: whether her edge is soft or hard mrs. obama is not immune to criticism. she took hits with her daughter to a posh spanish resort this summer. even a series of cultural events in the white house east room, including a new dance series to begin this week have been labeled elitist by republicans. this past fall a popular mrs. obama will add to her two roles of mother and advocate with a third. >> with your help and support. >> reporter: political campaigner. >> the american people have looked at her and like her a great deal. my guess is the president would swap favorable ratings with his wife in a heart beat. >> reporter: and alex, the thinking here in washington they will not be sending michelle obama out to red districts or red states. they'll be using her sparingly, sending her to swing districts or blue districts in states
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where that enthusiasm gap, you know, democrats are very worried their voters will not be turning out to the polls come november and an appearance by michelle obama in some of those areas might get them out to vote. >> exactly. get out the vote michelle. thank you so much. mike viqueira at the white house. meantime new questions about an heiress and her money. her relatives taking action and the latest on that case coming up. plus this -- >> don't you wish these water fountains were full of like chocolate milk or melted butter or mayonnaise. >> baby, we need to talk about something. you're getting kind of -- >> kind of what? >> youtube stars who make big money why some people find them so appealing coming up on "msnbc sunday." ♪
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a tough two years for the nation's economy and it's the leader of the party in power, president obama is taking his share of the heat. on "meet the press" this morning, david gregory asked david plouffe, obama's former campaign manager, if voters will give the president just one term to turn things around? he doesn't view it from the prism of politics he views it the country was an enormous hole and we had to do everything to dig out of that. we had to ignore the long-term challenges of health care, energy, economy, education reform and that's how we view it. and if you make decisions based on politics, you're going to do the country a business disservice. >> let's bring in jonathan, our "newsweek" column nuss and msnbc political analyst the author of
10:17 am
"the promise, president obama year one." glad you're here. you got access to the inner workings of the white house and sirc km. when you look at where the president was 69% approval rating which has dropped to the low of 41% last month, what do you see as having fundamentally changed? >> well, what happens is, you're in office for a while, you come in during a deep recession and if you don't take people fully out of that recession, you're going pay the consequences. it's the economy, the economy, the economy. but i think people need some perspective at the time obama took office, the economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month. if we stayed than pace we would have been in another great depression, no exaggeration, by the end of 2009. with millions and millions of people unemployed. through the combined efforts of the president and ben bernanke at the fed they applied triage and eliminated those terrible
10:18 am
job losses so now we're adding about 50,000 jobs a month. we still have an awfully long way to go to dig our way out of the hole, awful lot of people suffering, but i do think that people should recognize that, you know, we're not in a depression and we well could have been. >> so then do you credit the president's financial advisers? we saw pictures of christina romer who left this last week. do you credit his advisers with that or his advisers could have done better? >> in the book i'm actually pretty tough on some of the economic advice he got and having too narrow a circle of folks. i think he should have been tougher on the banks early on and not just done some things to restructure the banking sector but to push them to give more credit to small business. >> he did not do that because of the advisers if. >> well no.
10:19 am
he's not just a prisoner of his advisers. he made a decision based partly on their advice that banks were too brittle to be that tough on them, that if we had been and the whole banking system had collapsed, as it was in danger of doing, we would have had a depression. what you have here is a certain amount of amnesia on the part of some folks in not, you know, not looking at the fuller picture of where our economy has been. if you have close to 10% unemployment, whoever is in office is going to pay the price. you know who else was at 41%? ronald reagan, 1982/ '83. they were in the midst of a deep recession and that is what his polling numbers were at the bottom 41%. >> how about this, did the president and his advisers take the eye off the ball? they were determined to push health care and that agenda through congress. is there an argument to be made that was the major focus as the economy was languishing?
10:20 am
>> it's an interesting argument. i think clearly in terms of communications, you have to fault the white house for not conveying more that they were on the case as far as jobs go. but if they hadn't done health care it's not like the economy would be any different now. in other words, it's not like they didn't do certain things because they did do health care. the republicans were not going to cooperate on any of this stuff. right now, you got a pretty modest bill for tax credits for small business supported by the white house as well as the claim ber of congress -- chamber of congress which normally opposes obama on everything. why hasn't it become law? the republicans have decided they don't want to give obama even a small victory. so the folks who say he shouldn't have done health care and concentrated on the economy that might be true as far as the optics and the public relations of it go, but it wouldn't have changed the circumstances on the ground. it's not like we would have had 7% unemployment now if only he
10:21 am
hadn't done health care. that's not true. >> you heard the question that i asked which was, will this country give this president just one term to make a difference. how vulnerable do you think he is 2012? things can change in two years, but -- >> not only can things change but they almost always do change. you know, i'm more comfortable in the promise and writing about what did happen in the past. i hate to kind of take a powder on your question and give you a sort of response but anybody who tells you they know what's going to happen in 2012 is blowing smoke. i wouldn't underestimate this president. he's down now. i think you're going to see some surprises in the next couple weeks. he's a competitive guy. and i think he's going to be right up in the republican's face before you know it. >> i'm sure you've heard tony blair's book out. he says he's a man made of steel, his core made of steel, able to endure whatever is going
10:22 am
to come the next couple years. come on back next hour. coffee break for you. that's about it. >> thanks, alex. a study is out on the children most at risk for attempted abductions. what researchers discover about the kids who escape harm. a wealthy heiress fortune. why her family is getting involved. drew barrymore's new movie go the distance at the box office. we'll look at the early numbers on "msnbc sunday." 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪
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it'ss a box office battle royal this labor day weekend with fierce competition. in his latest role george cloonly plays an assassin in "the american." >> what's going on? >> you have a gun? why would you have a gun?
10:26 am
jack. >> the "the american" number one pi with $16.5 million, number two "machete" and "takers" the top three by taking $14.5 million. joining me in studio, rob shuter with pop good day to you. >> thank you very much. >> the american is a winner with the moviegoers. >> certainly came in as number one, so it seems like a very, very successful movie. however, let me point out this is a george clooney movie, it's a spy thriller movie, and the numbers are somewhat more restricted. last time a movie like this was out there, dare i say, angelina jolie, kicked his butt. $20 million. so i think george is a movie star, he does very, very well, it's a hit movie,
10:27 am
and bring him to you. sn>> scary. this is a cult movie. if you like them shoot them up and blood and guts. the reason this movie is of particular interest this weekend, is it's lindsay lohan's big return to the silver screen, so lindsay has a small role in this. she didn't do any press for it, didn't go to the premier and didn't see it. there is a photograph of lindsay paying her $10 in west hollywood and buying a ticket and went to see the movie like the rest of
10:28 am
us jyesterday? >> was she in jail? >> they didn't really want her small role to overshadow what sort of movie this was. they decided marketing wise to keep her away from the premier, away from the press, and it's done very well and lindsay's great in this movie. it really is going to help her career. >> i've always said she's a tremendous actress. >> that's the one thing. this girl can act. and if she can keep doing movies like this and reminding everybody of that she will have a good career again. >> we can hope for the best for her. how about "going the distance" maybe not so much. >> it didn't do well at all. everyone is surprised how little this movie brought in, maybe as small as $8 million. are the initial early numbers. >> right. >> the surprising thing about this is, drew barrymore with her real-life boyfriend justin long. >> they have good xhemtry. >> and they have real chemistry because we know they are together. >> they're a couple. >> this is another example of on
10:29 am
arrow manses and off ai air romances necessarily don't get the public excited. the biggest flop was "gili" with jennifer lopez and ben affleck, another example of not dating the guy you're on screen because the public aren't running to it. it's a shocking number for drew barrymore movie. everyone is a little surprised. >> trailer looked cute. from, rob shuter, good to see you. as we mark the unofficial end of summer we want to look at the top song of the season katy perry's "california girls." it ruled the top of the bill board hot 100 for the bulk of the summer months. at this point we invite you get up and dance, whatever you want to do. it might be your last chance this summer. let's go. i'm not dancing but rob and i are sort of moving, right? ♪ ♪ well, if you come from the hood ♪ ♪ or ya come from the burbs ♪ got the fellas up in here tonight ♪
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here are the top stories at the bottom of the hour. key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill is now secure on board a ship. investigators are getting their first chance to look at the failed blowout preventer. the massive piece of equipment failed to stop the gusher four months ago. a united nations official calling pakistan's flood disaster never ending. the u.n. says more than 3 million people have yet to receive food aid. more than 20 people across pakistan have been affected by the floods. and the world health organization officials defending the agency's actions during last year's swine flu outbreak. there have been accusations money whiz wasted with all the strong warnings and about the virus. the agency adjusted its response when the virus was as serious as expected. new questions surrounding a wealthy heiress. 104-year-old huguette clark is laying in a hospital bed. now the two men handling her fortune are ugnder investigatio for handling her funds and
10:34 am
clark's family is stepping in. rosen has the intriguing details. >> good morning to you. she's one of the richest women in america and lives like a recluse inside a new york city hospital room. relatives say the two men controlling her money may be stealing from her and they want a judge to step in. who wouldn't be happy with just one mansion, huguette clark owns three. all perfectly manicured, all sit empty. this one in santa barbara has the california coast. its value over $100 million. her estate in connecticut, worth over $20 million. it's empty. huguette clark also owns the largest apartment on new york's pris teges you fifth avenue, 42 rooms worth over $100 million. it's empty too. according to, clark hasn't seen any of them in over 20 years. in fact, she's been living in seclusion here inside a manhattan hospital room, surrounded by her french doll collection. clark's lifestyle is so
10:35 am
mysterious, this is the last known picture ever taken of her, in 1930. today, at 104 years old, huguette clark's personal worth is an estimated half a billion dollars. >> what we had was a featured story about an elderly woman with a lot of money and mist mysterious mansions. now we have an investigation. >> reporter: criminal investigation into her gatekeepers and closest advisers. her lawyer wallace bock and accountant irving kamsler. according to bock quietly arranged to sell clark's rare stradivarius violin for $6 million. and her renoir painting for $25.5 million. the website reports the lawyer and accountant are trying to sell her connecticut estate for $24 million. where's the money going? >> what we have is a kindly woman, maybe she doesn't have all the information about what's been done with her money. >> reporter: since huguette clark never had any children, no
10:36 am
apparent lehrers these two men reportedly control everything. on friday clark's nieces and nephews went to court, filing this petition against bock and kamsler, saying they've committed acts of mismanagement and dishonesty and abused the trust of miss clark, requesting a restraining order to keep them away from huguette clark's money. cynthia garcia spoke with nbc's bob dotson. >> he would write a check from her account in his name, deposit it or cash it. >> how much money are we talking about? >> always millions. >> reporter: bock's spokesman tells nbc news he continues to act in the best interest of miss clark and any allegations of a contray is without support. kamsler's lawyer told us he's acted professionally and diligently. it is unfortunate and questionable that miss clark's distant relatives are ignoring her decision to live a private life. huguette clark inherited her fortune from her father a copper magnet and a former senator from the state of montana.
10:37 am
now with her mansions empty and handlers under investigation she remains holed up in new york city hospital room. control of her wealth remains in the hands of a judge. this wednesday the president will review new steps the government will try to take to heal the economy part of a week-long push to convince americans that the white house and democrats have the right strategy in place to help everyone who's been slammed by the recession, especially those in the middle class. >> we're fighting to build an economy in which middle class families can afford to send their kids to college, buy a home, save for retirement and achieve some measure of economic security when their working days are done. >> "the washington post" abuelazam says the white house could announce wednesday it is extending tax cuts for middle and lower income people, give bigger tax breaks to business to encourage hiring and extend a tax credit for research and development. for more on these options
10:38 am
kneeler quinn neil irvin joins us. let's check out all the details and how likely you see each of those scenarios being and how they help, like that's not enough, let's hear it all. >> the first is kind of old news. the white house has been saying they want to extend the bush tax cuts that expire at the end of this year to family who make under 250,000 a year. that's their stated position for a long time and something they want to get done before the end of the year. the third option looking more likely, extending the research and development tax credit for businesses, making it permanent. something that you might get republicans signing on to. towards business and job creation. less likely is payroll tax holiday a way to put money in people's pockets immediately and give a boost to the economy in near term. >> the economy front and center, about eight weeks or so from the mid term elections. any actions or policies that republicans and democrats agree on, and what are the differences
10:39 am
in how they want to tackle the prices? >> the fundamental difference is, we haven't heard a lot of details out of republicans on what happens if they win the house, what their agenda is. it's clear they want to extend the bush tax cuts for everyone and it's clear they are interested in restrange spending growth but it's not clear they have any kind of near term things from extending the tax cuts meant to be short-term stimulus. the white house meanwhile, that's exactly what we were talking about a minute ago, as kind of their plan. the question is whether any of this can happen. you have a divided congress right now, you have republicans going to make big gains in november, possibly taking the house. whether this will get turned into law is an open question. >> look at the silver lining, you wrote in the post, there are five reasons to be optimistic about the economy, i'm going to run through it for the viewers. americans are saving more, there's an increasing amount of credit available to businesses and individuals, manufacturing, you say the industrial sector is holding up okay, trade as well, and housing you say is a good
10:40 am
sign. housing, really if. >> yeah. as much as you might think housing is in the dumbps because it's so weak it doesn't have much room to fall. the idea we're going to go back into a recession because housing declines is hard to do because housing is a smaller part of the economy than a couple years ago. 2 million homes being built a year down to 500,000. means you can't fall that much anymore. we have a weak recovery going on but probably not falling back into recession. data is not pointing that direction, though some are worried that might change. >> do you see a target date by which you think it will be fully recovered, first it was the end of this year, then next year, then 2012. >> it's going to take a lot of time because the growth rate we're seeing is not strong enough to get us out of the ditch we're in. it's going to be many years at the current pace of growth before we get back to what we consider normal economy with 5% unemployment and operating capacity. that will take several years to come. >> sorry to be so depressing.
10:41 am
>> it's all right. you brought the good points. it's good. thank you, neil irwin. tomorrow the president will visit a labor rally in milwaukee. on wednesday he'll lay out the new economic policies in a speech in cleveland, ohio. on friday, the president will hold a news conference at the white house. the families of those trapped miners in chile are getting inspiration this weekend from a group who survived a famous disaster themselves. four survivors of a 1972 plane crash featured in the movie "alive" visited relatives of the 33 trapped miner delivering messages of hope and support. the members were members of a a rugby team when their plane crashed on a snowy mountain. 16 of the 45 survived after spending about 2 1/2 months on the mountain. mean time relatives of the miners held a video conference call for the first time yesterday and family members say they were delighted to talk to their loved ones trapped below. the miners have been trapped since august 5th and may not be be out until december.
10:42 am
a just released study says children most at risk by adepartmented abductions are girls between 10 and 14. the analysis by the national center for missing and exploited children found kids who encountered would-be abductors were usually alone, on their way to and from school in the middle afternoon or early evening. the study reveals children who escape do so mostly through their own fast thinking or fierce resistance. some may get up close and personal with hurricane earl. why they decided to ignore the warnings from authorities. wi we'll talk about that with them in our next hour. >> nop how about juggling? >> no. [ male announcer ] looks clean doesn't it.
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new violence in gaza this weekend as israelis and palestinians prepare for their second round of direct peace negotiations. hamas says israeli aircraft killed at least two people saturday when it bombed three
10:46 am
tunnels that palestinians use to smuggle goods under the egypt/gaza border. the israeli military says strikes were retaliation for attacks against israelis last week and says one of those three tunnels was meant to allow militants to sneak into israel. i'm joined live from washington by columnist bob franken. good sunday morning to you. >> good morning. we're the only ones left in town, i think. >> i think so. glad you're here to keep me company. let's talk about the peace negotiations this time around. why does anyone think it will be different and work? >> well, you know there's a concept in diplomacy which you know even if everybody says it can't work, the only thing that definitely can't work is doing nothing. so there is an effort to somehow come up with a way to do the impossible, to somehow get this peace process unstuck from where it's been since 1947. part of the problem is the psych klg of action and then retaliatory action like you were describing. at some point somebody will have to back off and give just a little bit of breathing room so
10:47 am
when the negotiators for the palestinians or at least part of the palestinians, that to say abbas and netanyahu get together two weeks from now they'll have a tiny bit of space so they can possibly make progress. we'll continue to be stuck where we were in '47. >> even if a peace deal is reached, you bring up this point, who is to say extremists will abide by it. the associated press says hamas has given no [ inaudible ] whatsoever that abbas might reach with israel. is there any end to bringing hamas to the bargaining table, to talk with them and include them? >> well, at some point that might be what happens, but that is somewhere down the road. right now hamas is saying that the very idea of negotiations is a horrible idea. one can't predict the future. as for would the extremists inevitably sabotage any agreement, there is another concept in diplomacy is that sometimes when you really just bridge a gap, when you're just
10:48 am
putting band-aid on something, sometimes over time it heals by itself. economic progress might make things more palatable for the two sides and say it's really not worth fighting like this since we're prospering under this arrangement. >> bob franken, a little more from you next hour, thanks so much. this weekend on msnbc, an eerie look into the life of the beltway sniper. john allen mow mad. after several weeks in 2002 america was on edge. mohammed and his accomplish, john lee malvo, terrorized the washington, d.c., area by randomly shooting people, killing many of their victims. mohamm mohammed's wife mill dread smoke with msnbc for the title "i married the beltway sniper." >> now a member of the nation of islam john williams changes his name to john alan mohammed. with that name change comes new anger and more bizarre behavior. >> he felt discriminated against because he was a black american. i think he felt also as a member
10:49 am
of the nation of islam, that muslims were being discriminated against and i think if you put all of these things together, they only added to his feeling of victimization. that he must have had from childhood on. >> it just got worse and worse. in july, i asked him for a divorce, july of 1999. i expected him to say okay, but he didn't. he said, i need to talk to you. we're going to the garage. and he says, you are not going to raise my children by yourself. you have become my enemy and as my enemy i will kill you. 6 it's the look he had in his eye, he's a man of his word. he says what he means. and he means what he says.
10:50 am
and this man was going to kill me. >> you can all watch "i married the beltway sniper" on monday at 10:00 p.m. on msnbc. craigslist censored. how much cash the company will lose after executives decide to pull the adult services section from its site. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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a new report out this week on reveals some staggering figures when it comes to the amount of money people are making on youtube. just 14% of videos viewed on youtube each week include advertising, but the creators of some videos with ads are pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> don't you wish these water fountains were full of like chocolate milk or oh, my god, melted butter or mayonnaise? >> baby, we need to talk about something. you're getting kind of -- >> kind of what? >> now that video was posted by
10:54 am
shane dawson. his videos have been viewed over 400 million times and made him $315,000 this past year. let's take a look at another cash cow. >> jolly green giant you're back. >> that's right. i'm back. i'm angry. >> why? because you have a short temper. >> the youtube user annoying orange named after the star of his videos has pulled in $288,000. molly wood the executive editor for and joins me from san francisco. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so how are people making this much money? >> you know, they have pretty low overhead. i think that's the benefit for them. they don't have a huge expense budget like a network or a movie studio might and once they start to get a lot of viewers and start raking in some of that advertising revenue it adds up quickly for them. >> i guess so. let's take a look at food battle 2010. check it out, everyone.
10:55 am
>> your soup be a bulletproof vest. >> please save my life, chili pepper. >> it worked. >> what's that? dama dang it. its creator has made over $100,000 there. it's the ads i guess that are bringing ing all the money in. what kind of ads decide they want to advertise? >> yeah. it's interesting, on youtube it's easy to rack up a lot of hits quickly because it has a good promotion structure and so people start to get a lot of viewers and the ads are across the board. advertisers have said, we're willing to -- the thing -- the interesting thing is they're not paying a ton of money. it really is dependent on all of those streams. some have said we're willing to take the risk because this is where the eyeballs. they may be 14-year-olds now but
10:56 am
they are going to grow up and spend some real money. music on youtube has been an issue and more copyright owners like musicians and production companies are not the pulling legally unloaded videos because they're making money. of these videos with adds about a third were once copyright violations. how does this work? >> my feeling about that is finally. finally some of the movie studios, the tv networks, musicians are starting to realize this is an incredible promotional opportunity for them, there are millions of people watching videos on youtube and they can put up a link to buy the song and that it's actually a good thing and, you know, it helps them get their word out as opposed to to holding it tight to the vest, counting on the traditional revenue models and not letting people see their stuff. >> some are saying youtube could bring in up to $450 million from advertising revenues. would youtube have been sustainable without ads? >> no.
10:57 am
absolutely not. i think that, you know, the only reason youtube lasted as long as it did, google bought them and could afford to bank roll them. until they managed to get some of those big deals with professionally produced content they didn't stand much of a chance of getting very high advertising revenues. >> okay. molly wood with thanks for joining us from san francisco. >> my pleasure. a record set in mexico this weekend, 69 people set the record for the most number of cowboys lassoing at the same time. the men women and children twirled their ropes for three minutes to beat last year's record in texas of 23 people. it took place at a festival in guadalajara. ♪ can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula,
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now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. like 100% whole grain, the way triscuit does, you always end up with something delicious. ♪ triscuit. weave some goodness.
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